What Is The Wayward Equinox Lodge?

Excerpt from Curtis Rx’s “Guidebook To Traversing The October Country”-

        The Wayward Equinox Lodge is the most exciting discovery made by The October Country Club as of yet.  It is a large building, a strange combination of several distinct eras of design.  It has elements crafted from the Victorian Era as well as the oak and pine hewn ruggedness of sprawling mountain lodges built in the California and Washington forests.  It holds untold secrets within its walls and has been the meeting place to several of The October Countries secret societies throughout the decades such as The Pioneers Of The Expanding Horizon, The Order Of The Wisps, Followers Of The Grand Wurm, and many others.
        The Wayward Equinox Lodge is so much more than just a regular lodge.  As of this moment, it is the only stabilized portal to enter to The October Country safely and reliably, but take the term reliably with a grain of salt.  What does this mean?  Well, it means that you can enter the lodge through the front doors and exit from it straight into The October Country and vise versa.  The only caveat is that the lodge translocates at whim.  One moment it could be Peoria, Illinois and the next moment it could be spirited away to Salem, Massachusetts.  At any moment it could be in Los Angles, California and the next it could materialize in Salem, Oregon.  It seems to move of its own volition and without any sort of distinct pattern.  It seems easily spooked and prone to wander.  It is nearly impossible to calculate where The Wayward Equinox Lodge is going to appear unless of course if you hold a key.
        Unfortunately, this is as much as I can speak about The Wayward Equinox Lodge freely, but as you attain a membership to The October Country Club and work your way through the ranks, you will soon become privy to some of the more peculiar aspects of the lodge and eventually given exclusive access.
        Join the club, unlock the secrets.