Curtis Rx’s Guidebook To Traversing The October Country

What Is Curtis Rx's Guidebook To Traversing The October Country?-

      The Guidebook To The Traversing The October Country is a book written by Curtis Rx and published in 2005 that is equal parts a travel guide and a historical text compiled from all the years Curtis spent searching, researching, and finally discovering The October Country.
      Strange circumstance surround the release of the guidebook and only get stranger the deeper you dig into the mystery.  Only days after it was published, the book was recalled by the publisher and deemed out of print.  The reason for the books departure from shelves was said to be due to "page formatting errors coupled with inconsistent paper stock".  A statement released the same day stated that the revised guidebook was slated to return back to the shelves later that year, but it never came to fruition.  The real reason for the books disappearance can only be speculated, but it is rumored to have been orchestrated by a certain wealthy and mysterious figure in the "historical acquisitions" field of study.  As of this day, the book has almost entirely been erased from existence, except for a few second hand copies that seem to surface from time to time, only to disappear again and have their paper trail wiped clean.
        The publisher of the guidebook, Talismanic Press, closed its doors mere months after recalling the book and all attempts to contact anybody involved in the company have all been in vein.  One quote stated that the publisher "found their true calling outside of the cut throat world of publishing".  All names, records, contacts, and employees information have been scrub for the publisher's records, leaving it nothing but a memory.  The mystery runs even deeper as the original manuscript perished in a fire after faulty wiring destroyed the publisher's warehouse.
      Curtis Rx is currently rewriting the guidebook from memory and plans to release a completely revised and expanded copy of the book in 2021 if the fates allow.
      If you have any information or knowledge of an existing copy of The Guidebook To Traversing The October Country Club, please contact us at the  There is a reward for any tips that lead to the discovery of the book.
      Carry on into the horizon, stay vigilant.