What Is The Apple Orchard Without End?

Excerpt from Curtis Rx’s “Guidebook To Traversing The October Country”-

        What is The Apple Orchard Without End?
        The Apple Orchard Without End is a breathtaking and terrifying section of The October Country.  Much like everything else in the shadowed country, it's both wonderful and treacherous.  When you first stumble upon the orchard, it's always just off in the distance, just beyond eye sight.  The only clue to its existence is the intoxicating scent of fresh picked apples and fresh baked desserts that seem to lure and beckon any wanderers into its powerful grip.  The scent seems to change slightly depending on the individual tastes of the witness.  From the outside, the orchard gives the illusion of several acres of even spaced, perfectly manicured apple trees growing from a thick blanket of emerald green grass.
        Don't let the enticing aroma or the picturesque view of this serene oasis fool you.  Once you breach its borders, the rows of trees grow exponentially in every direction, leaving all who dare to enter its confines helpless lost within its insurmountable acreage.  Only two people have ever escaped from this orchard prison, only to tell tales of its overpowering, hallucinogenic scent, which only grows stronger the longer you are trapped within its walls.  As we learned from their statements, the scent will eventually drive even the strongest mind insane, causing the infected to begin to devour themselves to satiate their hunger.  Lore states that the slowly moldering skeletons of all those who perish within the orchard, feed and nourish the numerous apple trees, making them stronger and stronger with each life they take.