What Is The October Country Club?

What Is The October Country Club?-

        It is a home for all lost souls seeking solace in a land of perpetual October. A secret society with spooky wares for autumn people.
The October Country Club Mission Statement-
        The October Country Club began many years in secret with two very simple goals, to gather knowledge and to gain access to mysterious place known only as 'The October Country'.  Despite the use of the term in various forms of fiction throughout the years, 'The October Country' is very real place that most people have only seen a fleeting glimpse of and it changed them forever.
Why Join The October Country Club?-
        This is an exciting time for 'The October Country Club', as it is the first time the club has made itself known to the outside world.  Please join us as we begin to share to fruits of our labor, there is little time and much to say.  'The October Country Club' will be accepting new members through an online portal in early 2021 for the first time since its inception and will have several different membership tiers available for those who wish to take the leap.  Memberships includes access to club's historical library, special discounts on all club goods, exclusive items only available to members, member's lodge insignias, member's only access to encoded sections of the website, locations for chapter meetings, GPS coordinates for hidden member caches concealed in the real world, and much, much more.  The highest tier members also receive a key and gain access to The Wayward Equinox Lodge and its untold secrets.
Where Can You Find The October Country Club?-
        'The October Country Club' has plans for several corporeal events for members and non-members in the near future with the unwavering goal of making every month feel like October, even during the dog days of summer and those bleak winter nights.  Club events have the tendency to materialize at a moment's notice, so members will receive first notifications of manifestation dates and temporal location points. 
        Stay tuned as we expand our horizons.
        Take The Leap, Fall Forever!