What Is The October Country?

Excerpt from Curtis Rx’s “Guidebook To Traversing The October Country”-

        What is the October Country?
        Well, let me start off by saying that the ‘The October Country’ Is a very real place, but not in name.  Unfortunately, the true name to this land of perpetual autumn has been long lost to time. But with a moniker like ‘The October Country’, what is this strange place really?  It is a migratory Country, able to move of its own volition.  It’s a location untethered to the strict confines of latitude and longitude.  It is a peregrine species of land mass, rootless yet its roots run deeper than time itself.  It is a place both temporary and unchanging.  A place both shiftless, yet constantly drifting.  It is a place that is never the same, but it is exactly what you need it to be at any given moment.

        The October Country is a place that once it casts its shadow upon you, you will never be the same.  It is a place of untold mysteries and wonder, but also a place with sharp claws and hungry jaws.  It is a place of safety, but be warned, once it imprints onto you, you will never feel at home anywhere else in this world or beyond.  If you’re one of the chosen few, lucky enough to even get a taste the this strange place, you will spend the rest of your life longing to find a way back in.  You will never fell as alive as you do in The October Country.

        Have you ever felt like you just didn’t belong?
        Do you feel like you were meant for something more?
        Do you no longer feel at home in this world?
        Do you spend your days yearning for the autumn equinox and the time
        when the earth is veiled in a blanket of dead leaves?

        If anything I have written here seems vaguely familiar, like a fleeting glimpse of a forgotten dream, then at one point in your life you may have just wandering unknowingly into The October Country.  Even if it graced you presence for just the briefest of moments, then it bored it’s teeth into your soul.

        You bled into it as it bled into you.
        Come with me now as we find our way back.
        Take the leap, fall forever.