What Is The Field Where It Was Born?

Excerpt from Curtis Rx’s “Guidebook To Traversing The October Country”-

         According to lore and what little we know from decoding The Autumnal Texts, The Field Where It Was Born is considered the most significant place in all of The October Country.  This now barren field of jet black soil, consisting mainly of sand, is said to be the birthplace of The Hallowed Pum’kin, where it grew unhindered for decades until one fateful evening, the earth opened up and swallowed it whole.
          For years the inhabitants of The October Country tried tirelessly to sow the fruitless land back to life, but all attempts to revitalize it and return it to its former glory have all been in vein.  Even though seeds from The Hallowed  Pum’kin have been collected, saved, and propagated since the loss of mother pumpkin, nobody has ever been able to repopulated the desolate field.  Legend has it, that under a full moon, the very ground seems to come alive like a mass of writhing earthworms.
        The Field Where It Was Born is consider to be hallowed land and the heart of The October Country due to the fact that the rest of the surrounding land is rumored to have slowly grown from this very spot outwards like the roots of a ageless tree, orchestrated by the life force of The Hallowed Pum’kin.  Strange phenomena have been reported at the site, from a low vibration that rumbles through ground and rattles your teeth, to the feel of radiating heat from the soil similar to the effects of an underground fire, and last but not least, the faint small of fresh pumpkin scenting the breeze, but without origin and existing only within the boundaries of the field.  Exhaustive search has proved to be fruitless, and the origin of these phenomena has yet to be discovered.
         One passage from 'The Autumnal Text’ roughly translates to “when the sands of your life run thin, a sprinkle of black earth from The Field Where It Was Born will fend off the shadows”.  Could The Field Where It Was Born be the reason behind the lore that everything within The October Country ages slower?  Could it really be the key to eternal life?  According to The Autumnals is was, but then why did their history just end upruptly hundreds of years ago without any clues?