What Is The Hallowed Pum’kin?

Excerpt from Curtis Rx’s “Guidebook To Traversing The October Country”-

What is The Hallowed Pum’kin?

        The Hallowed Pum'kin is a legend, but very much based on truth. It is sometimes referred to throughout historical texts as The First Pumpkin and is thought to be the very first pumpkin that grew in the world as we know it today.  It was said to be birthed near the center of The October Country in a barren field of jet black soil known only as The Field Where It Was Born.  Although the Hallowed Pum’kin returned to the earth many decades ago in the very spot it was birthed, its lineage is kept alive by the annual sowing of its seeds and the consuming of its flesh in all corners of The October Country.

        The Hallowed Pum’kin has been linked as the source of all pumpkins that also exist beyond the borders of The October Country, possibly smuggled out either knowingly or unknowingly by wayward animals and travelers.  Much of we know about the true history of The Hallowed Pum’kin and The Field Where It Was Born came from The Atumnal Texts, which to this date have only been partially decoded.